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Sponsor Sydney



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Agile Tour Sydney sponsorship is an opportunity to be associated with and support the leading Agile practitioners in our community.  Since the event will be low-cost, sponsoring is the primary mechanism for funding Agile Tour. The third edition of the global Agile Tour in 2010 attracted more than 7500 participants in 44 cities worldwide. Agile Tour 2011 has already attracted 70 cities, including Sydney.

For Agile Tour Sydney, we’ve created a fixed-amount $500 sponsor ticket which provides the following benefits:
  • Logo on the Agile Tour Sydney web site
  • Explicit mention at the start and end of the event
  • Logo projected during the event
  • 10 minute retrospective session where you can describe your experience in a 5 minute presentation and the crowd will offer improvement ideas for 5 minutes
  • We are also open to any creative suggestions

Sydney Opera House


Since the event is free or low-cost in most cities, sponsoring is the main mechanism for funding this event.

The third edition of the Agile Tour in 2010 attracted more than 7500 participants in 44 cities worldwide. This unique event, which combines local networking with a fun way to learn about agile, has already attracted 70 cities for the 2011 edition including Sydney. This is your chance to participate in this 'Mass Communication', which demonstrates how the Agile are able to self-organize to learn about and share better ways of doing software development.

Local : Sponsoring intended to help companies and organizations be recognized as a contact point for agility and to help them meet and network.