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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Jas Chong

Job Change Management Consultant
email Jas [dot] chong [at] ascenthcc [dot] com
Skypeid jaschong
Phone number +33676544680
Company Ascent Human Capital Consulting
City (Country) Paris
Time 30'
Type of Conference Conference > 100 attendees
Level Everybody

Product Owner & Dev - A tango in communication


Change management consultant working with organisation change and HR intervening between IT and HR for team growth and development.


Product owner and dev team communication is like a dance of tango. I'll use the techniques of tango to explain the communication principles. With over 5 years in the practice of tango, I would like to use tango techniques to explain the nuances in communication between product team and dev team. It's not often straight forward or easy. Tango is an extreme dance in coordination and non verbal communication. it is also not the kind of dance that can be guided by strict rhythm. Instead, it's a decision between both dancers on how fast or how slow they want to take it. It is also one of the few dances where pauses are encouraged and takes the form of regrouping. I'll be empahsizing on creating connection, presenting tension just enough to work, finding each parti's axis in communication and a coordinated dance in collaborative communication.



Benefits for the attendees

A visual discovery on communication.

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