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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Imane Khalikane & Bertrand Dour

Job Innovation Energyzers
email bertrand [dot] dour [at] agilegenius [dot] com
Phone number 06 45 46 16 40
Company Agile Genius LTD
City (Country) Paris – London
Time 1h
Type of Conference Conference > 100 attendees
Level Everybody

How to achieve a successful intrapreneurship experience in a big company…


– Imane Khalikane – Imane, passionate about fashion, grew up in an ever changing universe. This culture naturally leads her to work in Agile environments over 7 years, where she helps companies deliver better products that suits endusers requirements and wishes. Feeling at home in the Agile world, she took advantage of her Scrum Master skills to catalyse teams efficiency and to encourage inspect & adapt pattern in order to meet customers expectations. She took the inspiration from her countless shopping sessions to understand and analyse clients behaviours and needs, so she can helps firms develop innovative products relying on Lean Startup principles. – Bertrand Dour – Bertrand grew up with a passion for building and creating with LEGO bricks. He took his first steps in the iterative and incremental world! At the age of 6 he started to learn music and to develop a sense of rhythm and composition. He started his professional career as a freelance developer and IT consultant. Lean Startup and Agile were just an obvious and natural process to build products and he began to help teams find better ways to work together and to build great products that their customer will love. He already spent over 13 years in Agile environments and actually works as an Innovation Energyzer, relying on Lean StartUp principles and GameStorming to help companies define their digital strategy, improve their business model and create delighting innovative products.


Once upon a time there was a team, in a restricted area of the french railway company, who was starting its first intrapreneurship journey despite all the evils and bad habits of a traditional management culture… It’s time to break the rules and make it rock! The story is about growing an amazing team, make it work together, speak the same language, and have a lot of fun in order to achieve a common goal: build a wonderful, beautiful product that will delight its users! What if our product is not that great? Let’s get some feedback from our clients! Even small things can bring true emotions and precious insights. After 2 weeks our users were able to test the first sample of the product and to give their feedback. From that moment the team was starving for more and more feedbacks to bring out a better product. Would you like to know the end of the story? Open the door, relax and take a seat and we’ll be happy to share with you our experience…


Be cool, be curious and prepare to have fun…

Benefits for the attendees

A lot of things… Real intrapreneurship lean startup journey in a major french company! Yes, even in France it can happen! Our talk is all about the challenges that a lean startup intrapreneur venture in a traditional public represents. We’ll go through command and control patterns, unvalidated assumptions, lack of real connection to the users. In a second part we’ll talk about building a full featured team will designers, developers, testers, and help them talk and work together like a true tribe. In the third and last part we’ll show that a direct connexion (and we mean physical) to the end users throughout the whole journey is essential not only for better feedback and insights but also to keep up team morale and motivation. It’s not a receipt but a concrete experience that can inspire a lot of agile & lean startup enthusiasts.

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